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About us

HUBEI JINGHONG CHEMICAL CO., LTD is a National-level High-Tech Enterprise which specializes in agrochemicals, organic intermediates and macromolecular materials. Corporated by LAOHEKOU JINGHONG CHEMICAL CO., LTD & IPROCHEM SHENZHEN, we headquartered in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. The company has 3 manufacturing sites covering 70 acres of land and a fixed assets of RMB 300 million.
We have production lines capable of producing 13,000t Acrolein, 8,000t Glutaraldehyde, 400t Emamectin benzoate, 1,500t Ligustral, 5,000t Vinyl ether series products per year...

For New Project, Please contact
Mr. Ken Xie: 86-15071569068
        Tel: +86-710-3702747    Fax: +86-710-3723838 
        E-mail: biz@huy68.com
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